Moulmein -- The All Mon Region Democracy Party is planning to contest in Pago and Taninthayi Divisions, Karen and Mon States Kaowao has learned.

The AMRDP’s chairman, Nai Ngwe Thein, confirmed to Kaowao that it will target 42 candidates in Mon State and 13 in Pago, Taninthayi Divisions and Karen State.

A supporter of the AMRDP says he welcomed the Mon party to contest outside of Mon State such as Pago (Pegu), Taninthayi (Tenasserim) Divisions and Karen State because there are many Mon who live in these areas.  Since it is the only Mon political party running in the upcoming general election, many people will vote for them he explains.

The AMRDP’s head office is located in Myaing Tha Yar, Moulmein, which plans to recruit about one thousand members as soon as the approval process is completed.

The Mon Party is led by Nai Janu Mon (aka) Nai Ngwe Thein, a well-known song writer and retired State Education Administrator.  The party leaders also include Dr. Min Hla Aung, Nai Saik, Dr. Min Nwe Soe, Dr. Banya Aung Moe, Min San Tin and Nai Lawee Ong (retired colonel of New Mon State Party).

The AMRDP was officially allowed to register and has subsequently submitted its flag and logo to the Myanmar Union Election Commission and is awaiting final approval.  Up to date on May 19, the Election Commission has permitted the formation of 28 out of 34 political parties that have applied for approval.

“It is the only option for the Mon population since the NMSP and MNDF has stated they will not contest,” said Nai Aung Lwin from the Three Pagodas Pass border town.

The two main political parties, the MNDF and NMSP, have stated they will not participate in the upcoming 2010 election which is to be held later this year.