Statement on Burmese military regime's 2010 election
Statement on Burmese military regime's 2010 election
April 20, 2009

We are ethnic national communities originally from Burma. Our dream of equality, self-determination and democracy has never been materialized after gaining independence from the British in 1948. All the people of Burma have suffered under military regime in various forms since 1962.

Again the military regime, State Peace and Development Council has drafted the 2008 constitution and planned to hold an election in 2010. Within the regime's constitution, there is neither independent judiciary nor decentralization of administrative power. The military will remain above the law without any balance of power within the administration of new government that will be elected in 2010. The election is merely designed to provide legitimacy to the existing military dictatorship.

Under the name of democratic system, the following credential points are missing during the process of democratization by the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC).

* The military regime has consistently ignored the result of 1990 general election.

* The military regime's 7 Steps Road Map and its constitution process are not inclusive nor does it reflect the spirit of national reconciliation.

* The military regime has ignored constitution recommendations made by ethnic nationalities.

* The military regime's self-drafted 2008 constitution is not based on democratic principles and federal system.

We will not be able to accept the SPDC's road map and the 2010 election unless the following change are made or improved.

* Prove positive changes by releasing all political prisoners

* Start nation-wide ceasefire and stop military activities in all regions to facilitate political consultation and reconciliation process

* Review the 2008 constitution which does not reflect the wish of the people of Burma

We would like to see very positive changes to the SPDC by engaging genuine political dialogue with Burmese democratic forces and ethnic nationalities as the first and foremost task before the 2010 election.

Therefore, we call on international community especially United Nations, the Canadian government, neighboring countries of Burma and the ASEAN to ensure the SPDC keep its promises and leading to genuine political changes.

Undersigned by:

1.     Vancouver Shan Community

2.     Karenni State Youth (Canada)

3.     Vancouver Chin Community

4.     Kachin Organization of Canada (Vancouver)

5.     Karen Canadian Community (KCC)

6.     Mon Community of Canada

7.     Rakhine Community of Canada

8.     Zo National Union (ZNU)

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