New Journal to be Launched in Mon State
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New Journal to be Launched in Mon State

By Akar
Thursday, May 3, 2012

A new Mon journal published by Mon businessmen and named ‘Than Lwin Times’ will be launched in the middle of this month in Moulmein, capital of Mon State.

An editor of the journal, Min Min Nwe told Kaowao, “Our first volume will have weak points in the news section as we have not appointed a full-time journalist yet. Our journal currently relies on freelance journalists for news.

The journal managers held an introduction session for the journal at a restaurant in Moulmein. (Photo:IMNA)

Nai Chan Toi, the chief editor of the journal also said that article writing would be the journal's strong point, despite the lack of experienced news writers.

The journal managers held an introduction session for the journal at a restaurant in Moulmein last month attended by writers, businessmen and community leaders.

The journal team asked the Burmese government in January for permission to use the name ‘Rehmonnya Times’, but the authorities did not give permission alternatively suggesting the name 'Than Lwin Times' after they were asked a second time in March. Name of Than Lwin is a major river, which runs from Chin to Mon State.

The journal will cover issues from Mon and Karen State as well as Tenasserim Division regarding politics, businesses, health care, social, judicial, and community issues.

The journal will be 28 pages in length in Burmese language and around 3000-5000 copies will be printed, which will sell at 500 kyat. The journal will be distributed in Mon State and Tenasserim Division.
The chief editor of the journal is a former secretary of the New Mon State Party, however,  the current journal will not be affiliated with  any group, said Min Min New.

Than Lwin Times will be a monthly journal and the team intends to appoint journalists and after the publication is established and stable, it will be published as a weekly journal. The journal team also plan to ask the authorities to grant permission for publishing in Mon language.


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