‘NMSP Should Learn from Me’ Says Nai Seik Chan

‘NMSP Should Learn from Me’ Says Nai Seik Chan

By Kaowao
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nai Seik Chan, the leader of a Mon ethnic armed group from Myeik Township, Tenasserim Division, regrets engaging in a disarm deal with the Burmese government after the Burmese police in Moulmein forced him from his own house in Moulmein following a land dispute on April 27.

“I regret agreeing to the disarm. They no longer respect me as my troops do not have arms. The NMSP (New Mon State Party) should learn from me,” said Nai Seik Chan.

The Burmese police in Moulmein forced him from his own house in Moulmein following a land dispute on April 27.

He said that if his group still had arms, the Burmese police would not interfere with his land. Nai Seik Chan even told the Military of Southeast Command in Moulmein about the dispute and also presented his case to the Chief Minister of Mon State, Ohn Myint, but it failed to help.

“I am a representative for ethic Mon people who joined their national convention in 2004. But, they do not respect me any more,” he said.

Nai Seik Chan formed an armed group in Myeik Township in 1999 and made a peace deal with the Burmese government. He and his group opened an office in Moulmein where there is currently a property dispute with another person who also claims to have bought the land.

The Burmese police in Moulmein forced him from his own house in Moulmein following a land dispute on April 27.

Nai Seik Chan said that he will present a case about the land and house dispute to the district court in Moulmein. The property dispute began in 2008; currently one of the land owner claims to have a grant purchase letter from the original property owner.

However, Nai Seik Chan said that he bought the property from a bank in 2008, and the bank sold to him officially. He even won a case in the district court in Moulmein at one time during the same year of the first dispute.

“I will keep fighting for justice. There is no rule of law in this country even they say there is a political change,” he said.

The Burmese police in Moulmein forced him from his own house in Moulmein following a land dispute on April 27.

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Name of sender: Young
Email of sender: ygun@yahoo.com
COMMENTS: It seems that the Mon State USDP led government can’t afford to provide two or more offices for different Mon groups as they have to open a new office for the NMSP following signing peace accord this year. It is indeed a real pity for those smaller break away groups such as Nai Seik Chan’s, Sook Gloing’s, Nai Pan Nyunt’s, the recently murdered Tapauy Than Lwin’s and many more. You all have your reasons why you have parted from your mother organization, the NMSP, and formed a fresh new one with the hope of revolutionary effectiveness and improvement. However, due to your short-sited vision and emotional rush, you’ve all ended up in the hands of our enemy and have been used as “baits” to lure the others. Such opportunity is always being exploited by the enemy for a long time given the historic similar occurrences, yet the lessons are not learnt up to this very day. They pretend to be nice to you for a while, but when you are no longer be used for any purpose, you are kicked out. Your life become “ka loing akra kawoik” or “ Dried shrimp lost in the salad flavoring others” I personally don’t support any break away groups from the NMSP. There are always two sides of opinions in everything. Every society in the world has the same situations as we have. When you are not happy with the decisions made from the top, raise your opinions, communicate, talk it over, write to them again and again, keep trying until they accept the right decision. Don’t just walk away with ten men in the deep jungle and surrender to enemy six months later. NMSP is your mother. They may not be a good mother but they love you all. Look at the facial expression of our leaders, they are true to what they are doing. They’re just doing what they can within their own ability. If you have a better idea, please contribute, be heard and be known. Love you all!


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