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62nd Mon National Day Anniversary Mon National Democratic Front (L-A) declaration 10th February 2009
February 16, 2009

General Announcement

Today, Mon people around the world celebrate Mon National Day, still committed to a free Mon homeland, with true self-determination, productive democracy and human rights for all.

In the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, Mon people celebrate Mon National Day freely. In Rangoon, the Burmese Army completely denies Mon people the right to celebrate their ethnic autonomy.

Our Legitimate Call for Freedom and Self-Determination

Today, the Mon National Democratic Front Liberated Area officially recognizes the legitimacy of our national day. The MNDF’s administrative leaders join all Mon nationals in recalling the foundation of our sovereign state, founded in Monland by our two princes Samala and Vimala, who reigned from the Mon capital, Honsavatoi (Pegue). Our legacy of sovereignty includes our great cultural traditions, just laws, a free body politic, an economy based on commerce, and a rich history paralleling the other great cultures of Southeast Asia.

We unified Mon leaders celebrate in dignity our heritage of freedom, which includes the spirits of governor, Oukkalapa, and the two princes, Taphussa and Paolika, among the many residents who lived  in the freedom of Kyiat Dagon (Shwe Dagon).   

Today, the sixty-second anniversary of Mon National Day, a day of honor and pride, we express our legitimate yearning for freedom and justice to all world leaders who understand man’s deepest longing. Like you, we are people with a long history, a rich culture, and a desire to be free.
The Courage of Conscience

Today we call upon world leaders to join with us in calling for an end to domination and oppression. We welcome the voices of freedom which have supported us in condemning brutal military rule. We look in shame upon neighboring countries which put greed before mortal principles. To those who disgracefully claim that the problems of Burma are an “Internal Affair”, we say shame on you. Hear us, the Mon people in Australia; hear us, the Mon people in the United States and Canada; hear us, the Mon in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand; hear us, the Mon people in the countries of Europe. We have fled brutality and the grossest of human rights violations. We request that you have the courage to hear our voices, as we celebrate freedom past, and freedom yet to come.

A Sham Constitution and Election

For four decades, the previously autonomous regions of Myanmar have been ruled by the Burmese Army Regime.  In 2010, the dictatorship will sponsor grossly unbalanced elections in an attempt to legitimize their rule, although none of the major parties have accepted the one-sided drafting of the constitution by the military regime. We hope that the world is not fooled by ceasefires signed at the point of a gun, or participation bought with economic blackmail.  Humiliation and degradation have co-opted the position of many of our ethnic minority brothers and sisters.

Resulting from the UN Security Council

There can be no doubt that the present regime has sought solutions in violence repression, resulting in an outpouring of refugees to every corner of the world.  Yet there are still some members of the United Nations Security Council who insist on denying that the atrocities of the regime should be of interest to this respected world body. As a direct result of their silent and intentional compliance, we have seen: the savage repression of innocent civilians and holy Buddhist monks; the continued use of illegal detention; the continued use of torture; arbitrary killing; systematic rape as a tool of military repression; land confiscation; ethnic cleansing; the use of human beings as mine sweepers and shields for military operations; the continued displacement and flight into neighboring countries, and the rapid increase in the trafficking of Burmese people. We call upon the countries that have used their veto power in support of the military dictatorship to witness these horrendous events and reconsider their support.

Appreciation of International Concern

We express our deepest gratitude to the General Assembly of the United Nations for frequently calling upon the dictatorship to release prisoners of conscience.
We welcome United Nations’ repeated condemnations of the use of torture and illegal detention; including the treatment of the holy Buddhist monks.
We welcome the arms embargo imposed by the Europe Union, Canada, Australia and the United States, and the freezing of assets held by the dictatorship.
We thank the leaders of the South East Asian Nations who have strengthened the Human Rights Charter.
We welcome the decision of the Australian Government to remove the representative of the military dictatorship.  
We appreciate the many thousands of condemnations of this brutal regime.  We express our thanks to world leaders, international organizations, NGOs, INGOs, churches and charities, and human rights organizations for being our voice when we have been silenced.

The Destiny We Embrace

Human dignity is an essential principle of Human Rights. Freedom of thought and speech are essential to the prosperity of all peoples. Self-determination is the right of all people.
We seek to live in peaceful legitimacy, recognized by others.  We anticipate the freedom to enjoy and express our civil, politic, and economic rights and to live in the free embrace of cultural diversity. We thirst for justice and peace.
On this day, we who are Mon leaders around the world and the leaders of Mon National Democratic Front pledge ourselves to strive tirelessly to reach our legitimate goal of democracy and human rights in an autonomous and free Mon homeland, which stands as an equal among the democracies of the world. 
We call on all free citizens to support us in ending all situations of oppression and injustice in Myanmar; particularly

  • To end ethnic cleansing by the brutal military regime.
  • To release all prisoners of conscience.
  • To make a concrete response to the situation in Myanmar by ending the dictatorship and establishing UN Peacekeeping Forces until such time as free and fair elections can be held.

Document issued by
Term of Information and Foreign Affairs of
Mon National Democratic Front (L-A)
62nd Mon National Day Anniversary

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