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8888 2007 Statement

Statement on the19th Anniversary of the 8-8-88 People’s Uprising in Burma


8th August, 2007.


Today is the 19th anniversary of the 8-8-88 people’s uprising in Burma. On August 8, 1988, people from all walks of life staged mass demonstration against the socialist rule and demanded democracy, human rights and equality in Burma. Unfortunately, the general uprising was ended by a military coup. Thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators were massacred by the military regime.  Despite the persistent oppression by the present Burmese military regime over the past 19 years, the spirit and courage of the 8-8-88 pro-democracy movement are still strong and alive in Burma.


We cannot solely rely on a particular party to bring human rights and democracy in Burma.  All citizens of Burma must be involved in the democratic movements to help bring a change in the country.  To strengthen our democratic movement, we must support the new generations of democratic forces as well as the 8-8-88 generation who has never given up the fight for democracy and human rights in Burma.  In addition, we must assure that the struggle of the people will not be taken advantage by any parties or political groups.


Long-lasting peace in Burma can only be achieved if Burma’s constitution guarantees the democratic rights and the rights of all ethnic nationalities. However, the SPDS sponsored constitution which was drafted by regime’s handpicked delegates does not guarantee any of these rights.  Thus, the SPDS sponsored constitution will bring neither a lasting peace nor a solution to Burma’s political problem.  It will only prolong the military rule and political crisis in Burma.


On this historic day, in honor of all the comrades who sacrificed their lives for justice, human rights and democracy in Burma, we, Mon people around the world earnestly urge:


■The people of Burma to reject the SPDC’s draft constitution which is being finalized by the regime’s sham National Convention,


■The SPDC to immediately release Nai Yakkha and Nai Cheem Gakao and all political prisoners including Aung San Suu Kyi and Khun Tun Oo, and


■The United Nations and governments around the world to pressure the SPDC to hold a tripartite dialogue comprised of all ethnic nationalities and National League for Democracy.


This statement is jointly issued by:


1. The Australia Mon Association (AMA)

2. Euro-Mon Community

3. Mon Canadian Society of Alberta

4. Monland Restoration Council (USA )

5. Mon National League for Consolidating and Aiding (Thailand )

6. Mon Women's Association of America

7. Mon Unity League (Thailand)



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Nai Sunthorn Sripanngern (Thailand) Tel: + (66) 0869890079

Nai Siri Mon Chan (Australia) Tel: +(61)433548199  e-mail:

Statement from The Australia Mon Association (AMA)


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Kaowao Newsgroup is committed to social justice, peace, and democracy in Burma. We hope to be able to provide more of an in-depth analysis that will help to promote lasting peace and change within Burma.  Editors, reporters, writers, and overseas volunteers are dedicated members of the Mon activist community based in Thailand.

Our motto is working together for change and lasting peace.


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