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Burma's exiled ethnic nationalities seminar held in North America

Dr. Su-Ed at Bangkadee(Kun Yekha: Wed, 20 Oct 2004)
The Mons from two countries celebrated the honoring ceremony to Dr. Su-ed on his birthday at the Head Quarter of Thai-Ramarn Association, Bangkadee Mon village of Bangkhunthian.

Dr. Su-ed Gajaseni, the professor of Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital and Mahidol University, is well known among the two countries Mons as “Mor Su-ed” who the sixth generation of the great Commander Banyae Join ancestors.

Both the Mons from Burma and Thailand gathered together in celebration of honoring and birthday of Dr. Su-ed in his 80th age. “I’m really happy to see Mons from Monland and Thailand working together and showing solidarity, unity and cooperation” said Dr. Su-ed in his speech of welcome the people on the honoring first day October 16.

More than ten thousand Mon peoples gathered to the great honoring ceremony that held at night of October 16. They were crowd inside the 17 Rai (about 10 acres) wide association’s campus. The long line people walked up and down on the lane to the campus. Four Thai police were giving the security of people and vehicles with cautiously. The line of Taxi, Motorbike and car were sometimes moved ahead and stopped mostly since the lane was busy with walkers and everywhere was congested. (It looked like the congested bullock cart in “Takok Khamaing Buddhist Festivals” which are hold annually after Songkran in Monland).

On the entrance gate of the community hall, which built with the big two golden Sheldrake, the people were going in and coming out. Some were talking phone while some were looking for their missing friends. There were decorated the colorful light along the 150 meter long the red floor gravel road from the main gate to the hall.

Parallel beside the hall, there was a big stage with the grate portrait picture of Dr. Su-ed. Three hundred and fifty tables were arranged for ten persons a table. “Before, we arranged only three hundred tables, but they were gone after three days announcement” said Nai Saha, the convening committee members of this occasion. Besides the table sitters, there were many people who have no ticket and standing around the hall, beside the stage and the back place of the table line. Advanced table tickets were not enough since many Mons were interested to come and participate to the ceremony of the great ancestor of Banyae Join, Dr. Su-ed.

Two Thai-Mon ladies announced the agendas for the honoring ceremony both in Thai and Mon languages. About (50) performers opened the ceremony with “Krak Jalon” song. After opening the ceremony, Dr. Su-ed was carefully brought to the stage for welcoming the people. He, firstly, gave greeting and thanks to the Mon people. And he delivered some speech that how was he felt so happy on honoring him and seeing the unity among Mons from Thailand and Monland. He also urged the youth generation to work hard in improvements of Mon literature and culture. Although he grows up in Thailand, he could speak Mon very fluently and his conversation was full with the plenty of old Mon words and grammar.

In honoring ceremony, Mons from both countries gave entertainment performance with the traditional dances and popular vocalist stage show. The kids were dancing in unison with “Rehmonya”, the most popular classic song. Farmers dancing (Leh Samar Bangae) and two Mon merchants (Ta Pao & Ta Bo) dancing were also applauded by people. Saik Zarn, the Thai-Mon vocalist, was also entertaining the people with a group of back-dancers. After entertained by Thai-Mon vocalist about (45) minutes, the convening committee announced for giving the awards to the players of football, volleyball and basketball. The player teams were some grouped by villages and some by their working factories.

More than half of all people were standing up and shouted in praising when the popular vocalist Hong Chan suddenly appeared on the stage. Almost all people are the Mon migrant workers in the age of teenager. Not only far away from motherland, they also desired to enjoy such pleasure amusements since they have to work and no time to spend for their pleasure in Thailand. “It’s a great opportunity for me to see Hong Chan singing in live show and honoring Dr. Su-ed” said by a Kawt Saik villager who came from Mahachai. Many migrant workers could gather to this occasion because they almost all are registered for work permit.

When Hong Chan sang “Chan Mon Chan Nai”, his most popular song, the people standing sides and front of stage were signing together which louder than Hong Chan did. Ong Marn, an announcer for show, frequently requested the people not to hit each others which would be caused the problems and the show must be stopped. The happy people calm down for a while when Ong Marn announced no jumping on the chairs and tables.

No different to Hong Chan, when Ramarn, one of the popular singer, sang the songs with full of happy and fun, the funs were jumping and singing as harmonies. And also he entertained to people with pleasingly melody song. “I think it’s the biggest ceremony of Thai-Mon that ever I have seen” said Nai Sunthorn, the secretary of MUL.

Even though the time was due entertaining after midnight, the funs were not contented and asking “once more” repeatedly and eventually the singers and convening committee members had to request them to be ended their shows for the sake of security. “See you all again in somewhere” said by Hong Chan to his beloved funs.

Mon Youth Community in Bangkok (Thai-Mon) and The Light of Mon Youth Organization (Mons from Monland, based in Mahachai) were working together for both honoring and birthday ceremony of Dr. Su-ed. This occasion, which two parties co-sponsored ceremony, was the second time of working together of MYC and LMYO. “We want more connections and cooperation of Mons in Thailand and Monland for Mon literature, culture and some social matters of migrant workers” said by Nai Sahamon Rajanon, the chairman of LMYO. For this special occasion, they both sides had eagerly spent a couple months in preparations despite they had their own jobs for living. Thai-Mons were also wearing the Mon dresses of red and white colors. “More participating of well respected Thai-Mon scholars, it could getting stronger in our community and more Mons in Thailand also proud of being Mon” said Nai Oong Bangjung, the secretary general of Mon Youth Community in Bangkok.

On the second day October 17, the ceremony held in the community hall with religious donations. The long line people were waiting their turn for donating honey and sticky rice foods. There had about (15) food booths with many kinds of traditional Mon foods. Donating desks, the temporary small clinic for first aids, Mon dresses selling table, publications distribution desk and the place for selling honey were crowd with the people. The book of the history background of Thai-Ramarn Association and brief biography of Dr. Su-ed was distributed. Some of the brief history of Association and ancestor generation of Dr. Su-ed were translated into Mon language by Nai Sunthorn.

The place where Dr. Su-ed sitting and accepting the people paying respect was the most interested which decorated with several kinds of flowers and two big golden Sheldrake. In the community hall, there were preparing for the lunch alms donation for the monks with so much food. About (140) monks were served the alms food. At beside the hall, the traditional music was pleasingly played. The musicians were from Ayudhaya, labeling their resident “Kwan Prasat”.

The Mons from Ratchburi, Phetburi, Ayudhaya, Lopburi, Bang Poon, Putram, Pathumthani, Monland, Bangkradee, Weanka and Phra Padeang were serving the people with their traditional foods. “I miss my native village while serving others in this kind of ceremony” said a “Kaw Zoa” villager. Some were busy with serving cold water, pepsi and coke while some were working sundry matters.

When Dr. Su-ed accepted for pouring water, the people were crowd again and queue in long line. While the people paying respect and pouring water on Dr. Su-ed, some were talking to his younger brother Supher Gajaseni, the former supreme commander of Thailand.

Dr. Su-ed was born on October 17 of Buddhist year 2467. He has six siblings. After he studied at Siriraj, he learnt as house and senior house officer at Siriraj Medical Department. After that he was chosen as a state scholar and went for further education at Graduate School of Medicine and Episcopal Hospital of Pennsylvania in USA. He also got the Diploma of Advance Hindi at Baranasi University in India. He got the Doctor of Medicine at Mahidol University, Bangkok. Currently, he is the patron of Thai-Ramarn Association.


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