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Issue No. 100, 2005
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Statement on NMSP's Decision not to participate National Convention
December 12, 2005

(1) We, the undersigned overseas Mon organizations, welcome the New Mon State Party's decision not to participate further in the SPDC-sponsored National Convention, since the views and proposals of the delegates in previous sessions of the Convention have been ignored and free and open discussion has not been allowed.  We sincerely believe that the NMSP made the right decision and one that represents the best interests of the entire Mon people both abroad and in our homeland.

(2) By refusing to invite Burma’s democratic leaders and by rejecting the proposals submitted by 13 ceasefire groups, the SPDC has plainly shown that the Convention will bring neither genuine peace nor democracy to the country and that it will fail to establish a federal union that can guarantee equal rights for Burma’s diverse ethnic nationalities.

(3)  We are convinced that the National Convention is nothing more than an attempt to prolong military rules in Burma, because most of the representatives have been hand-picked by the military junta and have been prevented from free discussion and open debate during the gathering.

Since we seek the restoration of democracy and self-determination for the Mon people, we support the NMSP in its struggle to establish a democratic federal union for the Mon people and other nationalities in Burma.


1. We urge all Mons and others around the world to show solidarity with the NSMP and provide any support needed in case pressure is exerted on the NMSP by the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) due to its withdrawal from the sham National Convention.

2. We urge the United Nations Security Council to put greater pressure on Burma to eliminate human rights violations against the country’s ethnic nationalities and all of the people of Burma.

3. We urge international communities to put pressure on the ruling SPDC to open the way to national reconciliation through a tripartite dialogue with democratic and ethnic forces in the country.

4. We call on ASEAN to expel the SPDC from membership in the association.

5. We call on the SPDC to immediately and unconditionally release all political prisoners, including Aung San Suu Kyi and   Hkun Htun Oo.

Euro-Mon Community

Finn-Mon Association

Mon Canadian Society

Monland Restoration Council (USA)

Mon Workers Union (Thailand)

Mon Unity League

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Nai Pon Nya Mon, Tel: + 1 509 338- 4982, Email: honsawatoi@aol.com

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