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The Statement on the 60th Anniversary of the Mon Revolution Day

The Statement on the 60th Anniversary of the Mon Revolution Day

The Full moon day of  Ka Doi Soi, the  Fifth Month of the Year 1369 in Mon Lunar Calendar(28th August, 2007) marks the 60th anniversary of the Mon Revolution Day. The Mon Revolution Day commemorates the beginning of the armed struggle against the central government in 1948. When the British granted independence to Burma, Mon political leaders have peacefully negotiated with the AFPFL leaders, mostly Burmans, for the rights of Mon nationality. However, the reasonable and peaceful demands of the Mon were met with the brutal assassinations, imprisonments and inhumane tortures. Ultimately, the Mon had to resort to an armed struggle.

Since Burma gained her independence from the British, the successive Burmese governments have adopted the policy of chauvinism and have never recognized the basic rights of non-Burman ethnic nationalities. The brutality, violence, and various kind of oppressions by the Burmese government left the non-Burman ethnic nationalities including the Mon with no choice but to resort  to  the armed resistance, which unfortunately  led to over five decades long of ongoing civil war in the country.

In fact, the Mon revolution and struggle for self-determination and sovereignty not only started 60 years ago upon  Burma’s independence. Our Mon’s revolution and struggle to regain our sovereignty and independence began soon after our Hongsawatoi Mon Kingdom was brutally attacked and occupied by the Burmese ruler, U Aung Zay Ya in 1757. Since the fall of Hongsawatoi Mon Kingdom, whenever the opportunities arise, the Mon have revolted against the successive Burmese kings and rulers as the Mon have never surrendered our sovereignty  and, are  always longing for the independence and sovereignty.

Today, we commemorate our revolution and struggle to regain our unalienable rights and  long-lost sovereignty. In commemoration, we  remember with gratitude and reverence all those Mon who have sacrificed and still continue to sacrifice for our national cause not only since 60 years ago when our modern armed revolution has started,  but also to those who have fought and scarified since the fall of our Kingdom, Honsawatoi in 1757.

The revolution and  struggle for our rights to self-determination, sovereignty and  independence remains the sole unifying factor of Mon in Monland  and all over the world and offers an undisputed platform for all Mon to express their sense of belonging and hunger to live in peace with their own rule and self-determination. In order to  realize our ultimate goal of sovereignty and independence all Mon around the world, Mon in Monland, the Mon armed resistance groups in the border and Mon in overseas must work hand in hand with each other. The  revolution to regain our sovereignty and independence is our Mon National Revolution and, hence it is not only the tasks of the Mon armed resistance groups but also the tasks and responsibilities of all of our Mon. And, in view of people’s movements in the world, armed revolution alone is not sufficient in bringing about change. The Armed revolution must combine with people’s revolutions inside and outside the country.

Therefore, on this special occasion we earnestly urge all Mon to involve in our Mon National Revolution with whatever we are capable of.  Provided that all Mon, Mon in Monland,  Mon in the border and  Mon in overseas are duly convinced that the Mon revolution is our national revolution and, then work hand in hand with each other wherever we are and whatever we can for our national cause, the ultimate goal of our sovereignty and independence  cannot  not be   far away.

This statement is jointly issued by:
1. The Australia Mon Association (AMA)

2. Euro-Mon Community

3. Mon Canadian Society of Alberta

4. Monland Restoration Council (USA )

5. Mon National League for Consolidating and Aiding (Thailand )

6. Mon Women's Association of America

7. Mon Unity League (Thailand)

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