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Burma's exiled ethnic nationalities seminar held in North America


(By Lawi Weng)
The military regime mentioned in the “New Light of Myanmar” news paper that the exile political groups don’t want to cooperate with them to work together in order to promote democracy in Burma . But in reality the exile groups are willing to join the regime if the regime is sincere in solving political conflicts.
Burma is a country which has a long civil war in Southeast Asia and the military regime has controlled power for more than fifty years. Civilians are getting poorer and the country is recognized as one of the Leased Developed Country (LDC) in the world by the UN (United Nations). People are suffering from the economic crisis, which is mismanagement economic policy by the regime.
The regime has managed the country as a pariah state, one state, one regime and one government as trying to manipulate the opposition party. There are about 1,500 political prisoners in the country. Even the international community and the UN (United Nations) have demanded the release of all political prisoners, the military regime has still ignored it.
Instead of trusting the regime, it seems that the exile groups need to believe the American ( United States ) and EU (European Union). It is believed that the American is supporting democracy around the world. Time and again they have stated that they want to have democracy, peace, and stability in Burma and have imposed sanctions on Burma to put pressure on the military regime to hold talks or to start a national reconciliation process.
Nevertheless, the regime has shown their insincerity in cracking down on the pro-democracy in the Depanyin case. The regime had planned to assassinate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in order to hold on the power and maintain a unitary state in Burma . Fortunately, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi escaped the assassination attempt, but was put under house arrest again.
After Depayin massacre, the EU has extended its visa ban and plans to freeze the assets of the military economy. The EU has blacklisted some USDA (Union Solidarity and Development Association) by not allowing them to go to EU. As the regime has committed the crime in Depayin, it is very clear that the regime doesn’t want to solve problems in Burma .
But Prime Minister Khin Nyunt has proposed a road map and implemented the national convention, which was stopped in 1996. There were thirty ethnic groups who attended the national convention forced by the regime. The junta did not amend the NC Principles of 104 and 5\96 even though the ethnic and democratic groups have demanded for change.
The cease-fire groups put forward a proposal outlining a plan to set up a federal state in Burma . However, their proposal was denied by the regime and the convention was postponed and is further stalled by the regime’s intransigence.  The regime has flatly denied the proposal, clearly demonstrating it doesn’t want to have a democracy and federal state in Burma .
Prime Minister Khin Nyunt held a meeting with his Singaporean counterpart to discuss the international pressure, deadline in releasing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi or face new sanctions on Burma last Monday.
Prime Minister Khin Nyunt’s road map is similar to the situation of Israeli Prime Minister Ali Sharon’s plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip, which is a perfect example of something done in vain. Prime Minster Sharon has accepted a road map from the American and British governments in order to solve the conflicts in the Middle East . These governments believe that this road map could solve the controversial conflicts between Israel and Palestine .
The U.S President George W. Bush negotiated between the two groups to join hands and to have a dialogue, and so the Israeli and Palestinian Prime Ministers have met and discussed the issues to solve the conflict.
Aril Sharon proposed a program to resettle his people from the Gaza Strip by 2006. But at the same time, the Israeli government built a barrier wall to stop Palestinian terrorists. In building the wall, they confiscated Palestinian land and cut off the Palestinians from each other. This is why the war in the Middle East rages on.
The Burmese Prime Minister Khin Nyunt is hoping that a new constitution will be drawn up by next year from the national convention, which was held in Nyaung Hnapin near Rangoon . But the regime’s new constitution will be recognized as a pariah state constitution by the western countries.
Khin Nyunt claims to be promoting democracy in Burma , but does an about face and arrests scores of people who are peacefully involved in politics and pro-democracy activities. The Burmese troops have abused human rights and continue to use force labor in the ethnic areas. To maintain a unitary state, the regime has confiscated thousand acres of land and is bent on arresting all political activists who challenge it. Therefore, how can anyone believe that the regime’s national convention will bring forth democracy in Burma ?
Lawi Weng


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