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Issue No. 87, 2004
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Statement on NMSP's Decision not to participate National Convention

Joint Statement on the 248th Anniversary of the Fallen Day of Mon Sovereign Kingdom, Hongsawatoi


May 31, 2005

Today is the 248th anniversary of the fallen day of our sovereign Mon kingdom, known as Hongsawatoi or Pegu, which covered the whole of today's Lower Burma. The Mon kingdom was invaded and occupied by the alien Burman on the 8th waning day of the second month of the year 1110 of the Mon/Burmese lunar calendar (Christian Era 1757). After the annexation of our Mon kingdom, the blood-thirsty Burman king, Alaung Paya, cold-bloodily exterminated tens of thousands of non-combatant innocent Mon people, including countless women and children, in several stockade-inferno-holocausts.  More than 3000 Mon Buddhist monks were also executed in various most cruel methods, including the forced trampling by elephants.  The extermination of the Mon people by the Burman king was tantamount to the destruction of Jews by the Nazis during the Second World War. The escape the genocidal operations of the Burman king, hundreds of thousands of the then populace fled into neighboring Siam (Thailand) for asylum.

Among the present inhabitants of Burma today, the Mon are the oldest. They arrived in Burma as early as 2500 B.C. The Mon people had established their own sovereign kingdoms and enjoyed freedom and prosperity for so many centuries.  Since the fall of our last kingdom, our Mon people have been left without a country through the present time. Naturally, restoration of our lost Mon nation is our highest and ultimate political goal. While we do not forget our lost Mon nation and the atrocities committed by the Burmese king, we do support the establishment of a genuine democratic federal Union of Burma, where the ethnic Burman and non-Burman peoples will all equally enjoy freedom and self-determination.

On this tragic day, we strongly urge the ruling Burmese military regime, State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) to:


1. Stop immediately the ethnocentric Burman rule and all forms of discrimination against the ethnic non-Burma people;


2. Stop immediately its entire human rights violations in the country, including its large-scale confiscation of land from our Mon farmers;


3. Withdraw immediately all its troops from the ethnic non-Burman territories, including our Mon area;


4. Release all political prisoners, including the Burmese democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi;


5. Rescind all the undemocratic and unjust laws, decrees and orders;


6. Announce a nationwide ceasefire immediately;


7. Negotiate with the democratic and ethnic opposition parties in a genuine Tripartite Dialogue as demanded by the peoples of Burma and recommended by the United Nations.

Mon Unity League (Thailand)

Mon Canadian Society (Canada)

Monland Restoration Council (U.S.A.)

Statement on the Declaration of Shan State Independence

April 29, 2005 

We, Monland Restoration Council of USA, firmly believe that all ethnic nationalities in Burma have the right to determine their own destiny. If the Shan people decide to secede from the so-called Union of Burma and choose to live independently, it is their right to do so. Their secession only means that they exercise their right. When they are determining their own destiny by exercising their own right, it is unfair for us to oppose their decision. We fully sympathize with the Shan leaders who were forced into making such a decision. Our Mon people are in the same boat as the Shan and other ethnic non- Burman nationalities, living in the so-called Union which is essentially a Unitary State being ruled by the Burman military dictatorship, officially known as the State Peace and Development Council or SPDC. 

We are unhappy with the NLD’s statement of opposition against the Shan State independence as it clearly shows that the Burman-dominated popular National League for Democracy does not want to recognize the right of the non-Burman peoples to determine their own destiny. Disintegration of the Union is not just the Burman’s concern, it is the concern of all the non-Burman peoples. Historically, the Burman’s concern of disintegration of the Union has always been mixed with their desire for keeping the non-Burman peoples under their ethnocentric rule. It is now the time for NLD and the Burman to show their real good will towards the non-Burman peoples so the non-Burman peoples will put their trust in them. 

The declaration of Shan State independence is a result of SPDC’s intransigent attitude and stubborn refusal to solve the prevailing political problems by peaceful political means, as well as a direct result of its increased oppression of the Shan people. The so-called “National Convention” being held by SPDC is nothing but a sham one as it does not allow full representation and free participation of the democratic and ethnic opposition parties. It has flatly rejected the proposal for establishment of a genuine democratic federal Union of Burma – common proposal put up by ethnic non-Burman ceasefire groups. We firmly believe that only a genuine tripartite dialogue between SPDC, NLD and ethnic non-Burman groups is the best and wisest way of resolving the nation’s political crises. 

We strongly urge SPDC to stop its military expansion in the ethnic non-Burman territories by immediate withdrawal of all its troops, and to stop immediately all its human rights violations in the areas. We also urge SPDC to release immediately all political prisoners, including the Shan leaders, and to announce a nation-wide ceasefire and start negotiating with the NLD and the ethnic non-Burman leaders. We appeal to the international community and the United Nations to increase pressure on SPDC so that it will speed up the process of democratic transition in the country. 

Central Committee, MRC


(Kaowao, April 25, 2005)

New Mon State Party issued a public statement after the Shan declared independence one week ago.

The statement issued on April 20 says that the NMSP continues wholeheartedly to pursue a federal union agenda based upon equal rights and self determination and that it is committed to finding a political resolution through a tripartite dialogue.  “The announcement by the Shan will only hamper the process and contribute to more misunderstandings among us all who are committed to this agenda; this is why we are unable to support the Shan.” 

According to NMSP Secretary General Nai Hongsar, the SPDC pressured all cease fire groups to issue statement opposing the Shan declaration.

Meanwhile, Mon politicians in Thailand held a meeting at Sangkhalaburi town yesterday on the independence issue to review its possible consequences.

12 politicians participated in the noon day meeting.  Most of them support the federal union as well as Shan independence.  “Secession from the federal union is their right.  We were disappointed with the way in which the NLD’s spokesperson U Lwin was quick to oppose the declaration,” said Nai Lawee, a participant.  

The Mon politicians argued that they (ethnic nationalities) have been waiting for federation for nearly a half century and after years of making concessions with the Burmese junta it appears unlikely that they will ever see the day when they will have civil and political rights restored. 

“The Shan are the biggest political force in the country, they possess a strong political will which Burma truly needs, especially in such areas as the media and human rights documentation of the ethnic nationalities” another participant said.

Some overseas community including Australia based Mon National Council support the Shan declaration.  In the statement on April 25, the MNC fully support the Shan Independence because the Burman government has broken promise to establish federal union.

58th Mon National Day - General Statement
The International Committee for the Mon National Day (ICMND) is united in celebrating our 58th National Day.  Celebrating the Mon National Day with music and dance is banned in major cities in Burma despite these activities being peaceful and unrelated to political conflict.
The Mon people have lived in lower Burma and Thailand for over two thousand years and peacefully co-existed with other ethnic groups where we preserved our language, culture and traditions.  We were once one of the leading civilizations in Southeast Asia with a social and institutional foundation we received from the teaching of Buddha Gotama.  Our political sovereignty was destroyed, our cultural heritage was damaged and our language was assimilated by the Burman nationalist elites many decades ago. 
We have struggled for over 247 year to regain the peace, equality and prosperity we had enjoyed under our royal institution before the Burmans and the British occupied our land and sovereignty. The Mon people have paid a heavy price for the cause, being killed, persecuted, raped, displaced and discriminated against in our homeland by the military led government of Union of Burma/Myanmar.  Moulmein , the capital of Mon State , no longer exists as the symbol of the Mon community under an oppressive Burma military regime. 
Meanwhile, in Burma we are unable to teach, read and publicize Mon language newspapers, magazines and radio broadcasting in our community.  Teaching the Mon oral and written language is banned at public universities and public schools in urban areas.  Mon children are only able to read and learn the Mon language in rural areas that are under the control of the Mon leading political party.  We believe that we should be able to teach, read and learn our cultural heritage freely in our homeland. 
It is time for all world leaders to play a proactive role in a Burmese political settlement, to pursue regional stability and economic prosperity for all the citizens of Burma .
We are committed to unconditional peace and an end to the civil war in Burma , with a guarantee of civil and political rights, social and economy rights for all, according to the new constitution of Federal Union of Burma.  The current assembly of the National Convention of Burma is not legitimate until all elected MPs are invited to debate the future constitution.   As long as only the military leaders control the executive power of Burma , the concept of human rights, freedom, liberation, self-determination and federalism is dead and civil war remains as the only political instrument for disadvantaged people. 
International Committee for Mon National Day
Euro-Mon Community ( Denmark , Finland , Norway , Sweden , the Netherlands )
58th Mon National Day Committee ( Akron , Ohio , USA )
58th Mon National Day Committee ( Australia )
Mon Canadian Association ( Toronto , Canada )
Mon Canadian Society ( Alberta , Canada )
Mon Community ( North Carolina , USA )
Monland Restoration Council (MRC-USA)
Mon Unity League ( Thailand )
Mon Workers Association ( Malaysia )
Mon Workers Union ( Thailand )
February 24, 2005

Statement on Killing of Innocent Mon People by Karen National Union(KNU) Army
By Nai Yar Raman, Coordinator Mon National Council (18 October, 2004)
Mon National Council(MNC) strongly condemns to those from Karen National Union(KNU) who cowardly committed such a cruel act which claimed 7 lives of innocent Mon People on 18/09/2004 by attacking Hongsawatoi Restoration
Army(HRA) Camp. It is quite beyond doubt that for this criminal act
committed by its members KNU must bear full responsibilities. Mon National Council strongly asks KNU to bring these coward persons who committed such a cruel crime to justice immediately and to take strong action against them.
It not KNU must face the unpleasant consequence of this Criminal act committed by its members.Mon People have been maintaining a good friendship with KNU and Karen People according to the principles, laid down by  Mon Leader Nai Hla Maung adn Nai Pho Cho and Karen Leaders Saw Ba U Kyi(KNU), Saw Tha Din and J Tun Aung(Karen National Organization) which urged Mon and Karento live together peacefully and to fight together for a Mon-Karen State where Mon People and Karen People have Equal Rights and Harmony and could exercise Self-determination Rights.
It is very clear to see that KNU's policy and attitude towards Mon People and Mon Armed Resistance Groups has changed dramatically after Karen Great Leader Mahn Ba Zan had passed away. KNU has derailed from its principles laid down by Saw Ba U Kyi and Mahn Ba Zan to fight for Human Rights, Democracy, Equality and to maintain friendship with Mon People. It is quite understandable that there are some certain Karen Warlords among the present Karen Leaders who want to ignore the principles laid down by both side leaders and want to kill innocent Mon People and to eliminate Mon Armed Resistance Groups.
Karen People are still a very good friend of Mon People and live peacefully together, but KNU has changed it color and turned into a bogus friend and has attacked Mon Armed Resistance Groups so many times and killed so many innocent Mon People. It is now a group of KNU menmbers have killed innocent Mon People again in the hope that Mon People could not do anything against them for whatever they did.
It is still fresh in Mon People minds that members of KNU had killed 16 members of HRA last year whrn they went to KNU camp to collect arms and ammunition according the the agreement reached between the two sides. They believed in good faith of KNU leaders and they went to the place where appointed wihout any doubt. But when they arrived there, they had been rurounded and killed without any reasons. All their weapons and money were consficated. Since last year Mon National Council had hopefully expected that KNU would take strong actions against those who committed such a coward act. Up to now there are no acts taken by KNU against those person who killed 16 members of HRA.
Mon National Council would like sincerely to warn KNU that it is absolutely wrong to think that Mon People could forget easily for whatever they have been done by KNU. Mon People and members of HRA had no doubt in good faith of KNU and they had regarded KNU as their real friend. But unfortunately their friend turned into a bogus friend and hak killed them.All these acts committed by KNU have at last pushed all Mon Peopel, including Mon who live in Ramany Desa, in Thailand, in Abroad and members of Mon Armed Resistance Groups, to the beyond of their limitation of tolerance.
Mon National Council strongly would like to warn to those who committed those cruel acts against Mon People that "Who prefer to apply Jungle's Laws upon to other peopel, must be faced by the Jungle's Laws in the end". It is absolutely wrong if they think only they can apply these jungle's laws upon other people and they can easily hide in the
jungle without any one could apply the jungle's laws upon them.
Now this time it is very clear in our Mon People's minds to understand the following proverb: " A bogus friend is more dangerous than a real friend."Mon National Council would like to earnestly urge all Mon People to be united as a one and it is the time for the Mon Peopel to make a clear decision: " The decision to fight not against the real enemy but against bogus friend."

Nai Yar Raman
Mon National Council
18 October, 2004

February 6, 2004

Among the peoples who live in Burma today, the Mons are considered to be the oldest. The Mon people established their own sovereign kingdoms and enjoyed freedom and prosperity for many centuries before the modern era began. Their civilization was among the most distinctive and influential in pre-colonial Southeast Asia. Significant aspects of the language, art and architecture, political and legal arrangements, and, above all, the religion of the great Burman and Thai civilizations were derived from the Mon society which preceded them and which acted as a vector in the transmission of Theravada Buddhism and Indianized political culture to the region.

The last Mon kingdom, known as Hongsawaddy or Pegu, was established by two princely brothers, Samala and Wimala, in 572 A.D. The auspicious day on which this last sovereign kingdom of the Mons was established – the 1st waning day of the 11th month, according to the Mon lunar calendar -- has been designated as our National Day by modern-day Mon people. Mon communities both at home and abroad celebrate this National Day every year with the aim of strengthening unity among ourselves and safeguarding our ethnic identity.

Since the fall of out last sovereign kingdom in 1757, we Mons have become “a people without a country” and have been reduced to minority race status in Burma. Undoubtedly, the restoration of our lost Mon nationhood ranks as the highest and ultimate political goal of the present-day Mon people.

Among the nations of the world today, we, the Mon people, are on the same boat as the Fourth World peoples who do not even have representation in the United Nations. But we have not forgotten our lost nationhood and we wholeheartedly welcome and support the establishment of a genuinely democratic Federal Union of Burma, in which all ethnic nationalities, including the present dominant race, the Burman, enjoy racial equality and the right of self-determination.

The present Burman-dominated military dictatorship in Burma, officially known as the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), has continued to oppress and abuse the peoples of Burma by various means. The ethnic non-Burman peoples have lost their right of self-determination under chronic Burman ethnocentric rule. Recently, this ruling military regime announced a seven-step plan aimed at setting up what it called “genuine and disciplined democracy” in Burma. But the announced program set out no timeframe and, in fact, has been conceived in order to hoodwink the Burmese people as well as the international community and to prolong the stay in power of the current regime.

The SPDC is planning to reconvene its long-adjourned “National Convention”, even while it continues to detain hundreds of political prisoners, outlaw most opposition political parties, and seriously restrict freedom of expression, assembly and association.

On this occasion of our Mon National Day, on behalf of our Mon people, we appeal to the Governments, of the world, the United Nations and the international community to increase pressure on the Burmese military junta aimed at speeding up the process of democratic transition in Burma.

In particular, we ask the international community to come together in solidarity and support our call for:

The release of Mon leaders and all political prisoners in Myanmar before the National Convention;

The holding of a tripartite dialogue, comprised of democratic groups, ethnic nationality groups, and the military regime;

The withdrawal of the Burmese army from the ethnic nationality areas and an immediate halt to land confiscations, forced labor, forced portering and relocation;

Unrestricted access of international bodies such as the ICRC and Amnesty International to all detention centers and rural areas;

The institution of the rights to freely assemble, organize, and protest peacefully, and to freely practice Mon literacy and other traditional and cultural activities.

-Australia Mon Association & 57th Mon National Day Committee

- Euro-Mon Community

- Mon Canadian Society / Mon Cultural Society (Calgary, Canada)

- Mon Community of Canada (Vancouver, Canada)

- Monland Restoration Council (USA)

- Mon Unity League (Thailand)

- Mon Women Organization (Canada)

- Mon Women Organization (USA)

- Mon Workers Association (Malaysia)

- Mon Workers Union (Thailand)

- Mon Youth Community (UK)

- Mon Youth Liberty Organization (Thailand)

- Overseas Mon National Students Organization (North America)

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